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Norfolk's Best Award

The Helpers Organization is the proud WINNER of The Best of Norfolk. We have been selected by our city representatives as the best of the best. 

 2015 Award Best of Norfolk


Our new neighborhood revitalization project!!   We have adopted the Evelyn Butts Bus Stop from Hampton Roads Transit.


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Volunteer Spotlight

Julian Gregory

Thank you for your valued and appreciated contributions toward the efforts to end poverty and homelessness.

Our Statistics


The Helpers Organization has prepared over 1148 bagged lunches, reaching more than 825 Homeless & low families/individuals in Hampton Roads. We have delivered meals to the Union Mission Ministries, The YWCA of Norfolk, and The Focus Center of Norfolk Community Suppers Program.
Prepping for sandwiches for the homeless in Portsmouth & Norfolk

Last quarter, The Helpers Organization completed a total of 387 volunteer hours.
volunteers 14

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